OpenWarfare Mod : 5.180.1525 (CoDWaW)






OpenWarfare team members (in alphabetical order):
* Caipira (Portuguese translations)
* Exte (Spanish translations)
* foxteamfr (French translations)
* Kuklovod (Russian translations)
* 4morirabbit (Italian translations)
* Peluski (Developer)
* Shadowlord (German translations)
* t3chn0r (Developer)

OpenWarfare former team members (in alphabetical order). A special mention goes to these
people that were part of the OpenWarfare team and did major contributions to the project.
* BionicNipple (Developer)
* Jinxter (Developer and German translations)
* Lepko (Developer)
* 0ddball (French translations)
* Spacepig (Developer)
* Trax (French translations)

We would like to thank the following people who have contributed to the project without
being part of the OpenWarfare team (in alphabetical order):
- AbneyPark and "unknown" for publishing their Sniper Zoom mod.
- Bravo17 for finding the error causing the visual guide not to work properly on map_restart.
- BRM (Brothers Realism Mod) for the inspiration for our own multiple map configurations
  for the visual mover.
- Buster from "The Company Hub" for letting us include his weapon tweaks.
- Chandler for help finding the stock weapon files and tips on what needs to be fixed in them.
- Crosstrain for his role as devil's advocate when creating the visual mover/moverguide
  and for testing each implementation for any bugs.
- Dan2k3k4 for his contribution on different aspects of the mod as well as his friendship.
- D3cad3nc3 for his work in the COD2 weapon attributes files.
- DemonSeed for his healthpack glowing model.
- KiLL3R for giving us his FreezeTag mod source code that we used to base our FreezeTag
  gametype implementation.
- Marc for his tip on controlling the player stance from his mod ACE.
- Novemberdobby and Gagaring for providing us with all raw files before the Mod Tools were released.
- Novemberdobby for releasing the raw .CSV files to the COD community.
- Novemberdobby for publishing a list of bones (tag names) to use with the attach() function
  and his invaluable help importing the health pack model from COD1 (YOU ARE A GENIOUS SIR!).
- Number7 for his tip on how to disable the red dot blips via code.
- [105]Ran(275) and [105]HolyMoly for figuring out how to remove the sound from the map.
- Ravir for his original idea of supporting dvars based on gametype and map.
- Robinson from to make the information about increasing the length of
  smoke grenades public.
- Ryan and Sparks from for all their support.
- Wolfsbane and Slipstick for developing WRM mod for COD2.
- Zeroy for his tip on reducing the material assets to prevent the "Exceeded limit of 2048
  'material' assets" error.
- The .:|BC|:. clan and their mod from COD4 for inspiring the creation of our own quick defuse method
- Last but not least, our great community that is always ready to help us test new features!

We would also like to thank the following Websites (in alphabetical order):
- CustomCOD - Call of Duty Mapping and Modding support! -
- devianArt - Where ART meets application! - -
- IconArchive - Great icons for Win, Max & Linux -

Thank you all!
The OpenWarfare Development Team


OpenWarfare v5.180.1525 (April 30, 2011)
- NEW: New gametype "Time Greed" and "Greed" have been added.
- NEW: Added ranked server option with class limitations.
- BUG: Fixed issue with Hardpoint reminder showing once even when it was disabled.
- BUG: Hide health bar when rounds or game ends.

OpenWarfare v5.170.1517 (February 13, 2011)
- NEW: Added HNS gametype support for Visual Mover.
- BUG: Fix issue with moving tanks in maps.

OpenWarfare v5.169.1513 (November 13, 2010)
- NEW: New gametype "Hide And Seek" added (only stock maps).
- NEW: Added sudden death options to "One In The Chamber" gametype.
- NEW: Added new module to show remaining lives to players when lives are limited (forced on One In The Chamber).
- NEW: Added new module to play a sound when players connect or disconnect from the server.
- CHG: Streamlined a little bit the code to hide/show the HUD to the player during match start times.
- CHG: Removed the waiting for the ready-up period to be over for the server empty check to start counting seconds.
- CHG: Prevent people from switching teams using the "Auto Assign" option where this can give an advantage to the player in certain gametypes.
- BUG: Fixed a problem when determining the last alive player in OITC and LMS.

OpenWarfare v5.168.1463 (September 11, 2010)
- NEW: Added switching firing modes for MP40, STG44, THOMPSON and TYPE100-SMG.
- NEW: Added "Sharp Shooter" gametype based on Black Ops.
- NEW: Added "One In The Chamber" gametype based on Black Ops.
- NEW: Added Visual Guide support for the Sharpshooter and One In The Chamber gametypes.
- CHG: Tweaked range finder module and the FTAG gametype.
- CHG: Tweaked the position of the frozen player based on its ragdoll final location instead of where it was killed.
- CHG: Tweaked how the score is handled in Freeze Tag to be more realtime.
- BUG: Fixed a bug with dropping weapons in ranked and unranked modes.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with weapon limits when switching from class to class or from spectator to a team.
- BUG: Fixed Visual Guide so now it runs like it's intended to.
- BUG: Fixed Visual Guide problem when starting in one gametype and performing a map_restart into the vg gametype.
- BUG: Fixed CAP to not interfere with prematch periods.

OpenWarfare v5.167.1429 (August 10, 2010)
- NEW: Added nationality based hand grenades for unranked games.
- CHG: VIP will only get the forced weapon to prevent an engine bug with mantling.
- BUG: Hide the healthbar when the scoreboard is showing or the player is spectating or flashbanged.

OpenWarfare v5.166.1423 (July 31, 2010)
- NEW: Added "Live Broadcast" functionality from OpenWarfare:PCP.
- NEW: Added a server check to make sure there are no .IWD files inside the mod folder that don't belong to the mod.
- NEW: Added code to remove the unused spawns to prevent the error of not more free entities left.
- CHG: Better handling for the scorebot variables.
- BUG: Fixed buttons in "Create a class" feature as they were not working correctly in widescreen resolutions.
- BUG: Fixed a critical bug in the in-game class editor where the Perk 1 was being disabled by the combination Garand+Telescopic instead of Garand+GL.

Version 1.6.5 (SVN# 1394 - January 30, 2010)
- NEW: Added new variable for the AACP to take the gametypes and map names directly from the current map rotation instead.
- NEW: Added new variable to AMVS to prevent players from voting the same map that just finished.
- NEW: Redesign and implementation of the new visual mover and visual guide.
- BEL support - Visual Guide is now a gametype.
Visual Mover is separate module.
- Internal Configuration Counter for Visual Mover - 2 reticle types for Visual Guide - Circle Effect or model of current item.
- New Visual Guide Menu - Added and updated Visual Guide and Visual Mover dvars and configs - NEW: Added an option to control players illegally using clan tags.
- NEW: Added variables to control the special effects and text display when objectives are captured, dropped, taken, etc.
- CHG: Added new option in Retrieval to control the auto reset time of objectives.
- CHG: Added new master variable for Admin GUIDs so they need to be entered only once.
- CHG: Added distance traveled statistic to real time statistics as well as the end of game statistics.
- CHG: Added variable to control public matches where the server password missing and the /record match reminders will not be shown.
- CHG: Updated the Mover Config Files to reflect the new setup.
- CHG: Updated Localized Strings for all languages for Visual Guide.
- CHG: When the blackscreen is enabled for spectators the screen will automatically be active also when a gametype with number of lives is being played and the player has used all the available lives.
- CHG: A non-pistol weapon can also be forced on the VIP now in Assassination.
- CHG: The player destroying the bomb in Search & Destroy will receive a "defuse" score.
- CHG: Added a timer to CAP so players only have x amount of seconds in the interface - Added player protection while in CAP Interface - Text for CAP now shows for as long as CAP is available - BUG: Fixed an issue with an internal variable in AVMS having more than 1024 characters if a the rotation contains a lot of maps.
- BUG: Allow combination of winner gametype and default map when the winner gametype was the default gametype.
- BUG: Fixed an issue where distance was not being calculated for players that were in Last Stand.

Version 1.6.4 (SVN# 1326 - November 21, 2009)
- NEW: Added new option in extended obituaries to show them only to the victim and the attacker.
- NEW: Added new mode to CTF where players will have to return their flag to their base if captured by the enemy (Capture the Flag Back).
- NEW: Added new variable to Retrieval to be able to increase the spawn time of defenders.
- NEW: Added new variable to control the slots that will be reserved for clan members.
- NEW: Added new gametype Behind Enemy Lines.
Check behindenemylines.cfg for more details.
- NEW: Added new option to display statistics at the end of the game.
- NEW: Added new option to show the players the presense of a full admin or clan players in the server via the scoreboard.
- CHG: All the server variables will reset now on ruleset activation or deactivation.
- CHG: More than one life can now be set for LMS and LTS.
- CHG: Added logging capabilities to the Advanced Map Voting System.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with automatic map fast restarts.
- BUG: Fixed an issue where players could switch to weapons while destroying the bomb in Search & Destroy.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with setting the next map via the AACP in round based games where map voting was not being skipped.
- BUG: Fixed a problem where the pulse was active during last stand.

Version 1.6.3 (SVN# 1243 - October 10, 2009)
- NEW: New option added to AMVS to generate the voting options based on the current server's rotation.
- NEW: New map rotation control system (MRCS) to control the server's rotation based on number of players in the server.
- NEW: New gametype Last Man Standing (LMS) based on Free-for-all.
- NEW: New gametype Last Team Standing (LTS) based on Team Deathmatch.
- NEW: Added new variable to Assassination so only clan members can be chosen as the VIP.
- NEW: Added new variable to Capture and Hold to control the respawn of players owning the flag.
- NEW: Added a sudden death like Sabotage to Capture and Hold when scr_ch_chmode is set to "0".
- NEW: An advanced Overtime module has been added to the mod to control an extra round when the game finishes in a tie.
- NEW: Customize-A-Player Interface.
Select between the 5 friendly models if the gametype is team based or the 10 friendly and enemy models that are loaded with the map if not team based.
- NEW: Added new option in Freeze Tag to melt the iceberg to show unfreeze progress.
- NEW: Added Previous and Next arrow buttons in the CAC Editor for easier and quicker navigation.
- NEW: Added new option to black spectators' screens so they can't see the location of players in the server when they connect.
- NEW: Added an option to check for invalid Betty plants based on distance between the player and the Betty.
- NEW: New gametype Retrieval where the attackers need to retrieve two objectives from the map.
- NEW: Added a GUID control system for tournaments where not registered GUIDs will be automatically disconnected from the server.
- NEW: New variable to control dead chat has been added.
- NEW: Added support for Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, and Retrieval to Visual Mover.
- NEW: Added support for new stock maps from Map Pack 3.
- NEW: Real time player statistics to show information to the player like accurary, k/d ratio, headshots, longest shot, melee kills, etc.
- CHG: Changed the AMVS to allow a player to leave the server during the map voting process.
- CHG: Removed scr_visual_mover_random_config dvar.
- CHG: Added a new variable to the visual mover to supply the game with how many configurations a map and its corresponding gametype have.
- CHG: All visual mover configuration (item) dvars will now have a "_<#>" at the end starting at 0 or 1.
- CHG: For visual mover blank or " " dvars are no longer needed for each configuration.
- CHG: Moved some dvars from the mover.cfg to all the mover/gametype folders.
Provided descriptions of these variables and examples for each gametype.
- CHG: Removed the old mover written by BionicNipple.
- CHG: The head model for the VIP player in Assassination will change now.
- CHG: New option added in S&D to still show both bomb sites to the defenders even when one has been disabled.
- CHG: Re-aligned the images on the map loading screen and replaced the default clanlogo.
iwi image.
- CHG: Reduced number of image resources (2 sponsor logos were removed and simplified the health bar image) - BUG: Fixed a problem with hiding scores in TDM always.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with sd_sdmode "1" where the proper icons where not being set after the bomb was planted.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with the visual mover.
Some maps were using tanks of different fields than Treyarch's stock tank settings.
Example mp_foy.
Tanks used _flm in names.
- BUG: Fixed resolution ratio problems in OW_CAC_EDITOR.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with resetting the day cycle at the beginning of each round or map.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where the winner in Gun Game was not properly showing when the time limit was reached.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with custom maps using 8 HQ locations in KOTH that was preventing the game to create an extra object location icon.
- BUG: Fixed an infinite loop in auto balance where none of the players from the team with more players could be auto-balanced.
- BUG: Fixed all the special effects with explodable barrels.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with setting the VIP's health in Assassination higher than the game's health.

Version 1.6.2 (SVN# 1047 - August 25, 2009)
- NEW: Added a variable to control the level of gravity in the game.
- NEW: Clans can have their own logo now during a map load for players to see.
- NEW: Added range finder to binoculars.
- NEW: Added new option to Freeze Tag to instanly unfreeze a player using the flame thrower or molotovs (a person playing with fire can also unfreeze enemies!) - NEW: Added new features to the visual mover: - Random Configuration Selector - Single Configuration Selector - Use mover guide and mover at same time.
- All gametypes supported! - Move tanks with the mover guide on maps with tanks already on them.
- Can add multiple locations for a single item except for spawns, and hq items - In mover guide, if player joins a team and then goes back to spectate, then he will be able to move freely now.
- Write to the games_mp.
log the stock coords of an item or all items.
- Added the previous category and previous item commands - Spawn as many tanks as you like on maps that already have tanks built into them and use them! - NEW: Added extra setting to reset the day cycle on new round.
- NEW: New virtual rank system based on player's score.
- NEW: Added variable to control the score given to players for unfreezing teammates.
- NEW: Added a new variable to control the time limit during Sabotage's sudden death.
- CHG: Increased the time to rotate the map when empty to 3600 seconds.
- CHG: Players will not suffer the pulse effect when frozen.
- CHG: The configs/leagues.
gsc file has been moved into the rulesets folder inside the z_OpenWarfare. iwd to prevent listen server from failing.
- CHG: The minimum value for strategy period is now 5 seconds.
- BUG: Stationary turrets will be removed from maps in Freeze Tag to prevent players from using them when they are frozen.
- BUG: Frozen players in Freeze Tag will remain frozen when they switch teams.
- BUG: Fixed a few bugs in the visual mover that might or might not have been noticed in first release.
- BUG: Deactivated map control module when a listen server is started.
- BUG: Fixed the bomb carry icon when the bomb was planted in Sabotage.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with Quick Actions that was not being activated for bandaging.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with scores not showing at the end of the game when the scoreboard was activated and the hide scores option was enabled.

Version 1.6.1 (SVN# 980 - July 29, 2009)
- NEW: Added an option for frozen players to be able to look around instead of being forced with a fixed view.
- NEW: Added an option to show information about how long the player was frozen and which teammates helped him/her unfreeze.
- NEW: Voting at the end of the game will not activate if enabled when the admin manually sets the next gametype/map combination through the AACP.
- NEW: New option to set the maximum distance a player can travel while spawn protected.
- NEW: Added a new variable to completely disable bullet penetration.
- NEW: Added a new option to punish players shooting at spawn protected players.
- NEW: Added a new option to the AACP to manually redirect players to another server.
- NEW: Added new options for Gun Game for players to automatically level up.
- NEW: Players will have the Gun Game on the scoreboard now.
- NEW: Added a new variable to control the gib effects in the game.
- NEW: Added a variable to control the extraction time in Assassination.
- NEW: New option where players can break their ankles if they fall and take damage reducing their speed 75%.
- NEW: New option where players' speed will be reduced if shot on the upper part of a leg.
- NEW: New Fitness Control System (FCS) to control player running, walking, and jumping.
- NEW: Added a countdown timer to ready-up to force a match/round start even if the players are not ready.
- NEW: New Visual Gametype Mover replacing the old mover code. You can move spawns, objective bombsites and flags, explosives, and the HQ hardpoints. Visualize and create your own gametype experience! - CHG: Scores will be completely hidden in gametypes where score indetifies a kill when scores are hidden.
- CHG: Added a condition to prevent a player from getting his class resetted on team switch if the player can carry over his/her loadout without affecting any class/weapon limits.
- CHG: Sniper rifles with increased range can now shoot barrels to set them on fire.
- BUG: Added a check for idle monitor to prevent a possible syntax error setting a timer to a negative value.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with variables in S&D.
- BUG: Fixed anti-camping to make sure it doesn't activate once the player is unfrozen in Freeze Tag.
- BUG: Added a condition to the vote counter in the AMVS to make sure items with no votes are taken into consideration when there are no votes at all.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with the return to spawn AACP function returning the player to the admin's last spawn point instead of the player's.
- BUG: Fixed a health system bug where the wrong dvar was being used for health regen method.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with 3rd person view switching to 1st person when the player was killed.
- BUG: Fixed the match results for Gun Game.
- BUG: Fixed a bug with AMVS using allowing only one gametype.

Version 1.6.0 (SVN# 853 - July 4, 2009)
- NEW: Added the option to dynamically attach/detach an existing attachment.
- NEW: Added a new center option for sponsor logos and a new option for sponsor logos to show only when the player is spectating.
- NEW: Amount of bandages in the inventory will now show when bandaging is enabled.
- NEW: Team names and icons can now be customized to personalized teams.
- NEW: Options during class creation can be locked now so players won't be able to change them.
- NEW: New option "Return to Spawn" has been added to the Advanced ACP.
- NEW: Daytime simulation has been added to control the time of day in the map.
- NEW: Re-implementation of the stock battle chatter functionality to give more control to the server admin.
- NEW: Added the ability to control the values for com_maxfps and cl_maxpackets on the clients.
- NEW: Added Binoculars.
- NEW: New Assassination gametype where players in the attacking team need to protect and escort the VIP to an extraction zone while the other team tries to eliminate him.
- NEW: The health system has been re-written from scratch. Players can now heal themselves as well as heal or bandage teammates.
Health packs can now have a yellow glow enabled when they are dropped via config setting. All settings are configurable.
- NEW: Ability to define "safe zones" around objectives where explosives can't be planted.
- NEW: New "smart" reserved slot system to handle full servers including automatic redirect for the disconnected players.
- NEW: Ability to play the entire game in 3rd person view. Players will be switched automatically to 1st person when aiming down the sights.
- NEW: GunGame gametype based on DM.
- NEW: Re-implementation of the FreezeTag gametype.
- NEW: Advanced Map Voting system to be able to vote for the next map once the game is finished.
- NEW: Ability to enable or disable the glow on the betty when planted via dvar - NEW: OW Create-A-Class allows the editing of custom classes while in-game on ranked Versions of the mod, and the ability to use the new loadout on next spawn without a map restart.
- NEW: For Search and Destroy, the ability for the defending team to accidently destroy the objectives they are defending if the objectives take too much damage or too many hits. Defenders can also destroy the attackers bomb and depending on the setting, the game will end or the attackers will have to fight the rest of the round to win, but won't be able to plant. Also, there is now a quick defuse option where a player can cycle through colored text representing wires.
Select the wrong color and boom! Otherwise, enjoy the victory! - NEW: New option "Set as Next Map/Gametype" has been added to the Advanced ACP.
- CHG: Load of rulesets can now be controlled through the Advanced ACP.
- CHG: A message has been added during the Ready-Up period to remind players about recording the game.
- CHG: Time for server banners to show can now be controlled.
- CHG: XP points on the center of the screen can now be enabled also in Hardcore mode.
- CHG: Gametypes Domination and Headquarters support rounds now.
- CHG: OpenWarfare standard public and match rulesets have been added to the z_OpenWarfare.iwd file.
- BUG: Adjusted limits for WRM that were confusing to the server admins.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where players could cause bleeding on their team mates even when friendly fire was off.
- BUG: Players capturing objectives will not be considered camping anymore.
- BUG: Battle chatter sounds will not be heard by enemies anymore.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with team status icons when one team was completed eliminated.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with stock game where the scores were not shown correctly to spectators hitting the scoreboard key.
- BUG: Fixed an issue for pistols only setups so players will spawn with the correct model and their secondary weapon active.

Version (SVN# 516 - April 24, 2009)
- NEW: Added a new variable to also disable 2D icons (scr_hud_show_2dicons in gameplay.cfg).
- CHG: The Advanced ACP will now write log entries to games_mp.log about actions executed.
- CHG: The Advanced ACP can now show the Server Information screen when a player is forced into spectator. Variable scr_aacp_sws_show_welcome_screen in advancedacp.cfg.
- BUG: Fixed a stock problem for elimination type TDM.
- BUG: Fixed anti-bunny options 3 and 4.
- BUG: Fixed problem with creating/changing custom classes when reaching 1,000,000 XP points.

Version 1.5.4 (SVN# 497 - April 19, 2009)
- NEW: Hardpoints can now be set to use number of total kills instead of killstreak. Please set hardpoints to cycle when set to use total kills.
Variable scr_game_hardpoints_mode in hardpoints.cfg.
- NEW: Option to show the amount of killstreak for a player. Variable scr_announce_killstreak in hardpoints.cfg.
- NEW: Stock headshot sounds can now be disabled. Variable scr_play_headshot_impact_sound in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: Re-implementation of WWM.
Please check wwm.cfg for more details.
- NEW: New Advance Admin Control Panel.
Various map and player control options. Please check advancedacp.cfg for more details.
- NEW: Added delay for flame throwers.
Variable scr_delay_flamethrower in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: Re-implementation of Use Magic Key as Quick Actions... Both functionalities are working in parallel. Use Magic Key will be removed on 1.6.0. Please test Quick Actions by deactivating scr_usekeymagic_enable and activating scr_quickactions_enable.
- NEW: New mode for Capture and Hold. Variable scr_ch_chmode in gametypes.cfg.
- NEW: New module to get rid of bodies during the game. Variables scr_bodyremoval_enable and scr_bodyremoval_time in OpenWarfare.cfg.
- NEW: Added new variable to control weapon tracers. Variable scr_fire_tracer_chance in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: Servers can now disable the use of the console for clients via sv_disableClientConsole.
- NEW: Added new variable to control the time between jams for the same player. Variable scr_weaponjams_gap_time in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: Ability to control the zoom levels when sniper zoom is enabled. Variables scr_sniperzoom_lower_levels and scr_sniperzoom_upper_levels in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: New module to add fog to any map automatically. Variables scr_fogofwar_enable and scr_fogofwar_density in OpenWarfare.cfg.
- NEW: Added an option where players will be able to change their direction during strategy period.
Variable scr_match_strategy_allow_movement in OpenWarfare.cfg.
- NEW: Added anti-camping functionality to CTF. Please check gametypes.cfg for more details.
- NEW: Players will be reminded now if they have a hardpoint when spawning. Reminder can also be set to remind the player every certain amount of time via variable scr_hardpoint_show_reminder.
- NEW: Added a new value for anti-camping where people using Bolt Action rifles can also be excempt from it.
- NEW: Maps can now be set to rotate automatically when empty for certain amount of time. Variables scr_rotateifempty_enable, scr_rotateifempty_time, and scr_rotateifempty_grace_period in OpenWarfare.cfg.
- NEW: Damage from vehicles and barrels can now be disabled without activating WDM. Variables scr_barrel_damage_enable and scr_vehicle_damage_enable in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: Added range finder module to display distance to target for sniper rifles. Variable scr_rangefinder_enable in gameplay.cfg.
- NEW: A limit for smoke grenades can now be set for teams.
Variable m8_white_smoke_limit in classes.cfg.
- BUG: Fixed the display of the map layout for custom maps.
- CHG: Timeouts can now be up to 5 minutes long.
- CHG: Optimized how player variables are set in the welcome screen.
- CHG: Optimization to the team status module.
- CHG: Stance icon has been moved to the left of the screen.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with menu options alignment.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where weapons were being re-enabled by anti-bunny hopping.
- BUG: Weapons don't jam anymore while using a mounted MG.
- BUG: Bipod weapons can no longer be dropped if the player is not moving.
- BUG: Server will not crash anymore when using variable scr_sd_bombsites_enabled and the custom map only supports one bombsite.
- BUG: Fixed a problem where the Ptrs41 was not being considered a sniper rifle.
- BUG: Fixed an issue related to delays and hardpoints.

Version 1.5.3 (SVN# 345 - March 6, 2009)
- NEW: Added variable scr_game_spectators_guids. When set to "1" only those players whose GUIDs are inside this variable will get the spectate type set in scr_game_spectatetype_spectators.
- NEW: Added logging of events like player joined team, flag taken, flag captured, hq captured, hq destroyed, bomb planted, bomb defused (based on WaW patch 1.3).
- NEW: Renamed variable scr_sd_bomb_notification_disable to scr_sd_bomb_notification_enable to prevent any confusion.
- NEW: Added variable scr_countdown_sounds to play count down sounds when the round is about to finish. Possible values (any combination of and separated by ";") = 10min, 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min, 30sec, 15sec, countdown (for example, set scr_countdown_sounds "10min;5min;4min;3min;2min;1min;30sec;15sec;countdown" ).
- CHG: Adjusted some additional stock modules to reduce network traffic as well as server resources utilization during player connections.
- CHG: Added variable scr_teambalance_round_based_games to force team balance in round based gametypes.
- BUG: Fixed spectate type "0" to prevent players from spectating other players during non-teambased games.
- BUG: Fixed black screen HUD element setting that was causing the black screen to go away when the screen switched to spectate other player.
- BUG: Fixed rank function to prevent people from getting thousand of XP points at the end of the round between certain rank levels.
- BUG: Fixed a syntax error caused by dogs triggering bettys.

Version 1.5.2 (SVN# 297 - February 28, 2009)
- NEW: Added WLM (Weapon Location Modifiers) to decrease/increase the damage done according to the location of the hit (new configuration file wlm.cfg has been added).
- NEW: Damage from barrels and vehicles can now be adjusted through the WDM module (added variables scr_wdm_vehicles and scr_wdm_barrels to wdm.cfg).
- NEW: Gametype related variables can now use the OW format of adding the map name at the end to support different values in different maps.
- NEW: Deactivated hold breath hint from non-hardcore games also.
- NEW: Added scr_antilag variable (OpenWarfare.cfg).
- CHG: Variables sv_fps and sv_maxRate have been removed from the configuration file and are now being set inside the mod to prevent server admins changing them and experiencing weird issues.
- CHG: Updated default sponsor logos.
- BUG: Added variable scr_drawfriend (stock) to enable/disable team head icons on players. This feature was not working in stock WaW but it has been fixed now.
- BUG: Fixed next map rotating message when switching maps manually.
- BUG: Fixed issue with virtual ranks.

Version 1.5.1 (SVN# 249 - February 17, 2009)
- BUG: Fixed localization string for Marines.
- BUG: Fixed load of team models in custom maps.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with PERK4 "Lead Foot" that was always disabled in unranked mode (WaW).
- CHG: Delayed setting of client dvars until the player joins a team where possible. This will reduce the amount of data between the client and the server at connect time.
- CHG: Added serialization to function updateClassLimits(). Better use of server resources.
- NEW: Added variable scr_power_rank_delay for servers with slow connections.
- NEW: Variables g_force_autoassign has been renamed to scr_force_autoassign.
Variable accepts 3 possible values now: "0" (disabled), "1" (enabled for everyone), and "2" (enabled for everyone except clan members).
- NEW: Added variable scr_force_autoassign_clan_tags to define the clan tags that will be excempt from the forced auto-assign when scr_force_autoassign has been set to "2".
- CHG: Added a reset of player's rank level based on his/her XP points.
- CHG: Added a delay of 2 seconds before starting to regenerate a player's health when taking damage.
- CHG: Increased maximum spawn protection time to 60 seconds (variable scr_spawn_protection_time).
- CHG: Changed variable scr_vehicles_enabled to OW standards so it accepts mapname and/or gametype at the end.

Version 1.5.0 (SVN# 238 - February 15, 2009)
- NEW: Added the ability to created squads in unranked servers.
- NEW: Added a variable to control the music for non-hardcore games.
Hardcore games will have the music disabled automatically like in MW.
- NEW: Options to setup an arming time for Bettys.
This has been added to prevent the Bettys going off when friendly fire can affect the planter.
The arming time will affect any player in the game and not just the owner of the Betty.
- NEW: Option to setup the distance that players in the same team need to be for the friendly tags to show up on screen.
- NEW: A new variable has been created to have a complete spectate type for spectators.
This will allow servers to have certain spectate type for players assigned to a team and certain spectate type for people that are just spectating the game.
- NEW: The jump height can now be controlled and set to higher or lower values allowing players to jump into currently not accessible areas or directly disable jumping in the game.
- NEW: New scoring system where the server admin can setup how many points players will get for each action within the game.
- NEW: Ability to disable the score bar in non-hardcore games.
- NEW: Option to display a server message when a player joins a team or switches to spectator.
- NEW: Option to enable the stance indicator so players can see if they are prone or crouched.
- NEW: New sponsors module that displays sponsor logos during the ready-up period or the first time the player spawns.
- NEW: Option to protect clan members to be auto-balanced.
- NEW: Option to show all the active mod files in the server together with their respective checksum during the ready-up period to make sure files have not been tampered.
- NEW: Option to enable a dvar change monitoring functionality that will let players know if a dvar has changed after a ruleset has been loaded in the server.
- CHG: OW ranking system has been adjusted again.
There will only be one extra rank level for each prestige mode now (MW up to rank 65 and WaW up to rank 75).
The amount of XP points needed to reach the prestige levels have been increased and players will now be able to collect XP points up to 1,000,000.
- CHG: Increased the amount of RPGs/Bazooka shells a player can get when spawning.
- CHG: The prestige custom classes in ranked servers in WaW will now be unlocked when the player reaches the corresponding prestige levels.
- CHG: The bleed rate has been increased so a slower rate can now be set for servers where players have lower health.
- CHG: Option to disable the display of hardpoints like Helicopter, Dogs, etc as well as vehicles like tanks (only in WaW) in the UAV/Radar.
- CHG: Option to allow only clan members to access voting options.
- CHG: Added back the x2 and x1 zoom levels for sniper rifles when the sniper zoom functionality has been activated.
- CHG: Optimized the HUD elements creation to prevent any problems reaching the server limits.
- CHG: Option to enable line of sight for Bettys so they are not triggered through walls.
- CHG: Ability to allow perks based on players' classes.
- CHG: Added the option to use the use/melee keys to control sniper zoom levels in addition to the existing binds.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where the anti-camping option to show the bomb carrier in Sabotage could not be set.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where players waiting to spawn (in S&D or HQ) were consider to be idling and switched to spectators.
- BUG: Fixed a bug introduced in 1.4.0.
where the delay of weapons at the beginning of the round as well as the delay of sprinting were not working.
- BUG: Fixed the TK monitoring functionality (event sent for team kills was not being sent).
- BUG: Fixed the names of internal variables in the WWM and WDM modules in WaW.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with classes limits where no players were able to select any class if all the enabled classes had reached their limit.
- BUG: Fixed a bug that was not switching the team scores in CTF after switching the teams at half time.
- BUG: Fixed a problem where the start spawns were not being used in sniper maps.

Version 1.4.0 (SVN# 106 - December 22, 2008)
- NEW: New gametype "Capture and Hold" (CH) that works with any map that supports Sabotage.
- NEW: Option to limit the amount of Satchels or bettys that each team can plant and have active at the same time.
- NEW: Ability to enable "dog tags" where you can see whose body is the one laying on the floor.
- NEW: Option to force the use of initial spawns in Team Deathmatch to ensure players spawn in the correct side in sniper-type maps.
- NEW: Number of players using the rifle grenades can now be limited in unranked mode.
- NEW: Ability to control if the map will be fast restarted or if the server will - CHG: Implementation of a code to prevent players from getting killed by spectators' grenades.
- CHG: Changed the way extended obituaries are shown to the player so they are not lost between the server messages. Also added another option to show the extended obituaries to all the players in the server.
- CHG: Damage from falls will not cause bleeding anymore.
- CHG: Increased the range of all the sniper rifles using their default scopes (not Telescopic).
- CHG: New implementation for Big Brother Bot functionality.
- CHG: Option to turn the players invisible during spawn protection.
rotate to the next map in the rotation at the end of the game.