Chateau Manor (CoD2)

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Date : 19 Mar 2014
File name: cod2_mp_chateau_manor.rar
File size : 3.58 Mo
Author : Tinkerton


Notes de l'auteur :

aka "Manor, France".

So after approximately 2+ months of work (and some sparring with Radiant), testing and fixing, I finally finished this.

I felt it needed to be stressed that this is not a remake of CoD1's Chateau, because I found out about it only halfway through development.
This is a relatively small map set in a French manor, with some classic chateau architectural influences. It has about everything you'd expect from a lonesome hilltop castle: secret passageways, wine cellars, chandeliers and the like.

All standard gametypes are supported (DM, TDM, CTF, HQ, SD) and should allow for balanced play on both sides.

The map was designed for smaller LAN play, when you can't get enough people to get together to play some of the bigger maps. The number of players supported is 16 on the technical side (spawns), but I personally wouldn't go over 8 (or 4v4) players for pretty much any gametype except maybe SD. But, if you want absolute chaos and mayhem, be my guest. The map also works really well for 1v1 matches.


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Instructions : Here

Call of Duty 2

copy the custom_map.iwd into your " of duty2\main" Folder.