Poop of the Dead (#Zombies) (BO3)

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Date : 01 Oct 2020

Author : VerK0 (More infos...)

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About the map

By the author :
Welcome to Poop of the Dead, a 1-4 player world's smallest challenge map (that doesn't look garbage). Each player has their own stall and must survive on their own. How long will you make it?

Mission briefing: Inside Madgaz's dream house, the toilet, you must survive.

Updates :
Operation Wipe
- Added Boss Fight.
- Added 5 new toilet types/upgrades.
- Added Selectable Challenge system.
- Added Radios.
- Added Replayable Music EE.
- Added Heavenly Plunger.

- Removed the Apothicon Servant.
- Reduced the Acid Gat ammo count.
- Buffed the Upgraded S12.

- Fixed PHD Flopper Icon.
- Improved Perk Shaders.
- Adjusted Umbra Tome.
- Improved Clipping.
- Detailed behind barrier.
- Fixed sink hit detection.

- Reset leaderboard.
- Old leaderboard have been deprecated and moved to the pinned discussion. This has been done due to balancing changes and this leaderboard will never be updated again.


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