Call of Duty RIO

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


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Date : Dec - 12 - 2023

File size : 3072.00 Mo

File type : Mod

Author : Freddy Hajas

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Call of Duty Rio
mod : Rio
mod site :
version : 3.0
update : Dec 2022

Call of Duty Rio is a MOD to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare based in Call of Duty Frontlines Forever, but converted to the conflicts in Rio between Cops and Drug Dealers.
It's a Total Conversion MOD ENTIRELY in brazilian portuguese and focused in brazilian market aside will please many players around the world, will not have any english version because engine limits.
Keep in mind that would sound very stupid the brazilian police and brazilian drug dealers speaking in english, would sound as bad as a US Marine speaking chinese or Spetnaz speaking spanish. Also would destroy the immersion of the game.
If you like the movie Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) you will probably will love this mod because will be hardcore, realist, intense and violent like the movie. And if you don't have any idea what's it's about I REALLY suggest you to watch both movies, it's easy to find online.
If you already love Call of Duty Frontlines you may assume this one will be as good as Frontlines become, but will simply already started in the size of Frontlines Forever, huge and violent.

Call of Duty Rio Highlights
Main Launch Features
. The best ever brazilian voiceovers made in the history of FPS with over 4000 new audios
. 24 Maps located in Rio de Janeiro including classic remakes such as CS_RIO
. All maps with dynamic weather from a clear sunny day until a storm with torrent Rain
. 30 Gametypes with random objectives in each round
. 6 Real Police Forces (BOPE Black, BOPE Camouflaged, PMERJ, BPChq, CORE and PF)
. 5 Real Crime Factions (Comando Vermelho, Amigos dos Amigos, Terceiro Comando Puro, Complexo de Israel and Milícia)
. Crime Factions are completely different in each map
. 68 Weapons with select fire and brand new balance and behavior
. Brand New Weapon Camouflage System relative to maps
. You may find hidden weapons from Drug Dealers across the maps
. 9 military helicopters including become a Gunner of a UH-1
. 5 TV stations helicopters that will disrupt the work of the police
. Forever Concept where almost everything is random. Objectives, furnitures, vehicles, weapons...
. 3 brand new perks
. Use the BAC perk to become a police dog
. HER with realistic Blood, Gore, Pain, Damage & Physics effects
. Over 4000 Easter Eggs
. Server for up to 64 Players
. Intelligent Server who admins the server for you the way you want
. Intelligent Anti-Camping System coded to each gametype
. Medic System with a Medic Perk to let you save your wounded teamates
. Full Rank System with Custom Classes + Create-A-Class INGAME with 170 levels
. Frontlines Last Stand, a lot more realistic and fair to both sides
. Thousands of other features and options

Then unzip inside your COD4 folder, and tell to overwrite all the files!
Go to COD4/RioInstall and execute _instalar.cmd
A "Call of Duty Rio" shortcut will be added to your Desktop
Follow this shortcut to open the game.
Go to "Entrar em Combate" to play
You can also try Frontlines Forever and Star Wars from the main menu,
will connect and auto-download the mod/maps for you
COD4X Warning :
- Since the new versions of COD4X 20.X and above have several problems was decided to keep the mod in 19.X version
- If you want to play in a 20.X server you will need to update your COD4X again
- Then if you want to go back to Rio, just reinstall repeating this process

Now you can setup your controls to select direct what weapon you want
Go to Controles/Multiplayer Controls and setup as your taste
I use like this:
Primary Weapon (Arma Primária) = 1
Secondary Weapon (Arma Secundária) = 2
Claymore/C4/RPG (Explosivos) = Alt
Primary/Secondary (Primária/Secundária) = 3
Dog/C4 Detonation (BAC/Detonar C4) = Wheel Down

Feel free to visit my site at
and post any questions/problems in my help forum at

All maps were modified in the loading stage via script by Freddy Hajas
No source were provided by the original creators
Original Maps Created by:
. Hugo HG
. Stendby
. #xoxor4d
. Miregrobar
. WarMachine
. Kraava
. Mataleone & Crocodilo
. Patrick Oliveira Cabral (ESX)
. T-Bone
. 4t4Chris
. Topher
. -]K6[-Grimm
. Gunner
. Eikester