W@W Frontlines 1.2

Call of Duty World at War


Download (dl) : 140

Date : Dec - 05 - 2023

File size : 1.00 Mo

File type : Mod

Author : Freddy Hajas

Web site : http://www.mods.hajas.org/


Brand new features and options requested by fans:

W@W Frontlines 1.2

. Play COOP among friends against a bot team
. Fill your COOP squad with how many bots you need
. Killcam available only for players (not bots)
. 3 Options to change maps keeping the bots (Fast Restart/Reconnect/Kick)
. Map Rotations to play with and without bots
. Gametypes Rotations to play with and without bots
. Option to play with Punkbuster and no bots
. Option to turn off Weapons Relative to Army
. Option to turn off Aim to full damage
. Option to turn off Force Auto-Assign

Special thanks to Brent Hill for all interest and support to my work, this new version will not be possible without his contribution.
WARNING: Please add the line below to your bot.cfg file to avoid the bots to get stuck when change rounds.
set svr_pezbots_team "autoassign"