Cod2 Map source for Radiant (cod4/5)

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


Download (dl) : 608

Date : Jan - 06 - 2022

File size : 170.00 Mo

File type : Source

Author : CoDEmanX and Daevius

Web site :


By the authors :
For CoD4/5 radiant

Using our decompiler, these sources were decompiled from the original BSP files of CoD2. These sources can be used to build maps for CoD4 and CoD5.

Each .map source from a decompiled BSP file, looks like this:
- it exports all brushes
- it exports all triangles (terrain, patches, brushes)
- it exports all entities (spawns, lights, models, ...)
- triangles are caulked
- brushes, triangles and entities are in different layers of the .map
- these map source can be opened in CoD4 / 5 Radiant

What needs to be done for a full remake:
- retexturing all brushes
- replacing all models
- recreating all terrain and patches using the triangles
- adding portals
- checking all CoD version specific stuff (such as lightgrid etc.)
- at final, removing all triangles (make sure they're not compiled!)
- adding new gametypes, adding more detail, vision files, checking spawns, etc.

Ignore the following warning: "Removed duplicate faces from brush", this is because we do not rebuild brushes like Radiant does. After a map save this should be solved.

When using these map sources, please emphasize that you used our decompiled sources, either put a link to a post about the tool / about us, or put our names in.

Thanks for using this and good luck remaking ;-)