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My last map

Mission (#mw3) 1.5 for Call of Duty 4

Download : 325
Date : Dec-18-2018
File size : 64 Mo
By : 4t4Chris


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Last map added

La Patrouille (v3) for Medal of Honor AA

Download : 674
Date : Feb-01-2019
File size : 9 Mo
By : Amigos3D (Website)


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Map of the Week

Strike 2 (Remastered) for Call of Duty 4

Download : 162
Date : Jan-08-2019
File size : 228 Mo
By : xoxor4d


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Last mod/file added

Efaya Mod (1.3.0) for Call of Duty 4

Download : 537
Date : Feb-11-2019
File size : 145 Mo
By : Efaya (Website)


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Subject Date
Release CoD4 Mission 1.5 (final)12, 18, 2018
Soirées Spéciales CoD4 #Mission11, 23, 2018
[wip] mp_mission #cod4 (mw3 remake) update411, 14, 2018
[wip] mp_mission #cod4 (mw3 remake) update310, 31, 2018
[wip] mp_mission #cod4 (mw3 remake) update210, 29, 2018

Last Mods/Files

Name DL
Efaya Mod (1.3.0)537
BO2 Mod v°5259
WW3 mod v°1266
Frontlines FOREVER 7.0425
Demon MW2 mod (1.7)462

1207 maps in stock

Game MapsPreview listSimple list
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 : 50LinkLink
Call of Duty World at War : 280LinkLink
Call of Duty World at War (Zombies) : 3LinkLink
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : 542LinkLink
Call of Duty 2 : 195LinkLink
Medal of honor Allied Assault : 120LinkLink
Redline (Mod MwMWaW): 17LinkLink

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To find tutorials about Bo3 mapping, I advise you to visit the great Community : Mappersunited.com.

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