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We are proud to announce the release date for our map mp_ngbc.

The map will be released friday June 29th. We are organizing an event on our server #COD4 for the occasion. The map will be free to download on NotGoodButCrazy and Customapscod websites

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My last map

Fallen (1.1) + Fallen Night (1.0) for Call of Duty 4

Download (nb) : 575
Add or update : Jan - 17 - 2018
File size : 97398
Author : 4t4Chris (Website)


Map of the Weekend #19 - 2018-06-15

Bakaara for Call of Duty 4

Download (nb) : 1285
Add or update : Nov - 01 - 2013
File size : 182380
Author : IZarTax (Website)


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Subject Date By
mp_ngbc pour cod4 sortira le vendredi 29 juinJune 17, 20184t4chris
mp_ngbc #cod4 #notgoodbutcrazy Nouveau teaser : The churchJune 8, 20184t4chris
6 juin 1944 : Le jour le plus longJune 6, 20184t4chris
mp_ngbc #cod4 #notgoodbutcrazy (video)June 5, 20184t4chris