Last Maps

  1. DB Snowypark (updated)02/23/2017 for
  2. Kilian 194402/23/2017 for
  3. Flatdeck (snr)02/12/2017 for
  4. Trondheim 1942 (snr)02/13/2017 for
  5. Vimyridge (snr)02/13/2017 for
  6. Carentan xmas (snr)02/13/2017 for
  7. Arnhem Winter (snr)02/13/2017 for
  8. St Mengs2 Winter (snr)02/13/2017 for
  9. St Mengs (snr)02/13/2017 for
  10. kassel (snr)02/13/2017 for

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About customs maps for BO3

The customs maps for blackops3 are not for direct download on my website, I share the link to steam, for maps that seem interesting (I know... it's very personal)

To find tutorials about Bo3 mapping, I advise you to visit the great Community :

Bo3 : How to host your Dedicated Server :

You could find another tutorials on : Zeroy Wiki -

Be indulgent with my English :)