Demon MW2 mod (1.7)

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


Download (dl) : 2055

Date : Sep - 11 - 2018

File size : 35.00 Mo

File type : Mod

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The real final version 1.7 Everything is include in the mod

Demon MW2 mod for COD4 is a multiplayer server Admin mod which brings many of the perks and weapons from MW2 into COD4.
As a server Admin mod, it gives greater flexibility to the game.
The central feature of the Demon MW2 mod is its power class - unlocking all weapons and perks at once, and providing 2 extra custom classes, giving 7 in all.
A server admin can decide which perks and weapons to unlock, and the rest stay locked. There is even a team faction option, which allows different menu selections based on which team you are, so that you don't get a weapon which you wouldn't expect to get if you were on that particular team.
There are 4 new weapon models taken from MW2, 4 new perks and 4 new kilstreak rewards.
Also there are 5 new custom gametypes, including Gun Game and Demolition.
There are other items from MW2 - tactical insertion, guided Stinger missiles, Pain Killer death streak, to name but a few.