Seatown Winter (#mw3) (CoD4)

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Download : 1533
Date : 2013-11-03
File name:
File size : 102.18 Mo

Author : IZaRTaX (More infos...)

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About the map

Version: final
Released: 10/10/2013

Supported Gametypes:

winter seatown by IZaRTaX (mw3 remake)

Place the [mp_seatown_snow] folder within your USERMAPS folder
Please postponed the bug has returned my email address or on youtube.
the introduction for the sky are in the "sky" folder


Special thanks to

-Sanya for the textures (original cod4 seatown)


Install a custom map

Instructions : Here

Call of Duty 4

Copy the (custom_map) folder with it's contents to:
(Win 10 , Win 7)
DRIVE_LETTER:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\usermaps