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Date : 2013-11-03
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Author : Gerry (More infos...)

About the map


A rebuild of the popular Call of Duty 2 custom map Montargis.

Original author & map creator - Kingmarzo.

The map uses models, fx's & textures that were used in the original version.

A decompiled source was used for reference.

Call of Duty 2 Loadscreen



Game Information  

Game Types Supported
Capture The Flag
Search & Destroy
Team Deathmatch

Small to medium, upto 32 players

Allies - U.S. Marines
Axis - German

Developer Notes

Map Features
Original S&D objective
Scripted debris for the S&D objective explosion
Custom Headquarters objective
Custom skybox model & sun
Explosive CoD2 style barrels
Dynamic entities - books, buckets & powerlines (to factory only)
Script objects for certain gametypes
Original ambient sound track

Changelog for Final Release 1
Added new ladder access to east side of bridge
Fixed windows on house near bridge that could be climbed through
Added a small garden for cover in town on west side of map
Adjusted start spawns in CTF & DOM
Added script_gameobjectname to the bridge for mod specific gametypes from : ERM, Fiesta & OpenWarfare

What's changed since the CoD2 version
Added a new entrance from the south under factory
Added stairs to the outside south side of factory - owing to the tight area, descending is awkward
The fence at the top of these stairs can be mantled both ways
Added an extra flight of stairs to the staircase on the west side of factory
Opened room of house (in most gametypes) near underground entrance on west side of map
Added wooden porch to house near bridge
Added off map scenery
Redid the portals


Thanks To

Kingmarzo for the original map
CoDEmanX & Daevius for the decompiler
Mappers United -
Zeroy's wiki -
Zeroy's Scripting Wiki -
CoDEmanX for the Blender plugin & information
Diego Logic for the xmodel exporter -
Fowllanguage for the feedback in the beta version


Install a custom map

Instructions : Here

Call of Duty 5 - World at War

Copy the (custom_map) folder with it's contents to:
(Win 10 , Win 7)
**Important : Must have hidden files & folder OFF**
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