Last Man Standing TRENCHES (#Zombies)


Date (add or upd) : 2021-08-15


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Game : Call of Duty BlackOps 3
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Author : eMoX MaNgA (More infos...)

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By the author :
"Welcome to my NEW map !
This map is part of a series im working on with Tim Hansen and this first episode of SEASON III, the concept is 2-4 players, one player in each area and the last standing win!

SEASON III feature a brand new ready up players system, spawning Perks (with increasing cost per buy) and PaP !

-Buyable Perk
-Player ready system
-No revive
-No respawn at the end round in coop
-End Game when one last is standing in coop
-Timed Gameplay style
-A random perk powerup at the start
-BO4 Hitmarker
-BO3 Weapons + DLC
-Buyable Max Ammo
-Victis crew


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Call of Duty - Black Ops 3

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