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Date (add or upd) : 2021-06-22


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Game : Call of Duty BlackOps 3
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Last download : 2021-10-17
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Author : IceGrenade

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Features 3000 Lines of Bespoke Custom Code
Full 8 Player Mod Support:
Gingy Easter Egg
Beer Easter Egg
Boss Fight Easter Egg
Lord Farquaad Brutus
Custom Shrek Style Additional Raygun
Shared Buyable Ending Purchase
Secret Door with Shared Buyable System
Custom Perk Purchasable Toilet System
Custom Music Loop Script Toggable On/Off
Custom Locational Teleport System
Custom Soul Barrier System
Create your own Perks with Potions System
Discover books that contain Potion combinations
Custom Summoning Key Soul Collection Easter Egg
Teddy Easter Egg (Perks)
Grenade Easter Egg (Perks)
Door Puzzle Easter Egg
Shootable Puss in Boots
Custom Personalised Weapons
Buyable Ending
Custom Round Sounds
Custom Voice Sounds
Custom Music System
Custom Full Quest System
Custom Teleport to Levels
Custom Teleport Zombies to Levels
Custom Font
Custom Perks
Custom Hardcore Activator
BO4 Carpenter
BO4 Max Ammo
Increased Difficulty
Cold War Weapons
Ghost Weapons
Advanced Warfare Weapons
Infinite Warfare Weapons
Crazy Hit Sounds
Extra Perks No Limit
Optional Custom Timed Gameplay System


Install a custom map

Instructions : Here

Call of Duty - Black Ops 3

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