Waterfall (final)

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Date (add or upd) : 2021-03-09


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File name : mp_waterfall_final.zip
File size : 8.47 Mo
Game : Call of Duty 2
Download : 146
Last download : 2021-10-17
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Author : [MW*SWAT] UnderTaker


By the author :
This is a multiplayer-only map based on an environment by my imagination, and not a remake.
Mainly this map is a small frenchlike town, cut in half by a river. The riversides are conected by two bridges, and a tunnel system under the river.
I beleive this map is best

for rifle enthusiastics, but also has the possibility for rushers.

-Author: [MW*SWAT] Undertaker
-Author e-mail: hoppzATfreestartDOThu
-Author website: www.undertaker.uw.hu, www.mw-swat.hu

-Mapname (short): Waterfall
-Mapname (long): MW*SWAT WaterFall
-Allies: British
-Axis: German (what else?..)
-Size: medium to large
-Gametypes: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, CTF
-Numer of players (max): 64
-Custom textures: 12 (some of them was stolen from CodUO...)
-Effects: fire, smoke, minefileds, player hurts, rotating water mill wheel, dynamic lights
-Specialities: In SD mode Germans has to plat the bomb, custom explodable targets


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Call of Duty 2

copy the custom_map.iwd into your "....call of duty2\main" Folder.