Dead Silence: PART 2 (#zombies) (BO3)

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Date : 2019-07-10

Author : TheFilthySandwich

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About the map

You play the role of the father finding his way through the city trying to escape what is believed to be a alien invasion. Unable to get home and find your daughter means the only hope of escape is on the train. You are a police officer on duty meaning you can get access out of the city quickly however, the crowd do not make this task easy.

You and many others survived 35 years together in this world while still hoping one day you will find your daughter. Set in winter, December you must do what is necessary to survive.

Your train has broken down and you have been sent to find supplies from the safezone near the ferris wheel. You must do whatever it takes to get there without being killed.

Hunt, Loot, Take Drugs, Survive.


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Call of Duty - Black Ops 3

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