Crash 2 (B1944)

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Date : 2019-07-04

Map of the Month #40 - 2019-07-10

Author : xoxor4d (More infos...)

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About the map

Note by the author :
** Updated on the 24th of June 2019 ( visit the changes tab to see whats changed ) **
This is a Crash port / remaster of my remastered crash map for cod4 :D
- heres a link if you are interested how it looked like in cod4:

Please note: I have no experience with unreal and this map is the first thing I've ever done in unreal, so expect bugs and/or less optimisation then stock maps.

Unfortunately, the map got pretty big because of MW:R, WW2 assets and lightmaps instead of dynamic lighting.

If you want the highest quality possible, make sure to set your textures to ultra and enable texture streaming, overwise you wont have parallax occlusion mapping!

If the map is still to dark for you, enable fog and shadows :p


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Battalion 1944

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