The Cypress Swamps (CoD4)

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Date : Oct - 03 - 2018
File size : 59.47 Mo

Author : DeekCiti Env


This is the final version unless a high demand for re-release is met, to add in the ability to drown in water.

Woodland swampland type map.
Access to foothills for snipers.
4 Flares are set up around the map to trip players positions for snipers or hunters. Flares are Dvar Controlled.
Can no longer Drown in bodies of water, as Beta version had so many Crash issues, the drowning was removed altogether. This was before a Fixed Drown script that will not crash servers was found, which is a shame.
UAV, Airstrikes and Helicopters available.

This map requires the Updated Teams.gsc for servers to show the proper teams being SAS vs Spetnaz.

Gametype : DM, TDM, KOTH, SAB, SD, CTF, DOM


Instructions to install a custom map : Here