La patrouille (1.1) (CoDWaW)

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Date : 2015-02-13
File name: cod5_mp_lapatrouille.rar
File size : 104.13 Mo

Author : 4t4Chris

About the map

Map Title: [La Patrouille]
Map Version : 1.1
"A quiet patrol in a village under the snow, but a last unit of the axes is entrenched in his barracks."

Patrol was inspired by a map of the same name on Mohaa

Version 1.1 (13.fev.2015)
- New Minimap
- Add Voiceovers & Battlechatter
- Add Dogs
- Fix some little bugs

Supported Gametype       
 : Deathmatch
 : Team Deathmatch
 : Domination
 : Search and Destroy
 : Sabotage
 : Capture the Flag
Map Size : Small

Mod tested Ok : Pezbots, OpenWarfare

Contents of this Package :


Credits/Thanks          :

Mappers United Community (,
Zeroy (winter textures),
Wakka (Script),
Gerry (Script),
KittySparkles (Nostalgia textures)
Mappers of


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