Forsaken industry 2.0 (CoD4)

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iClan server with custom & stock maps

Download : 700

Date : Oct - 31 - 2013
File size : 46.11 Mo

Author : Maarten Scholl

Map of the Week #9 - 2018-04-05


Dense urban map set in a industrial themed area

Supported Gametypes:
DM (Free-for-all)
TDM (War)
HQ (Koth)
S&D (Search and Destroy)
DOM (Domination)
SAB (Sabotage)
CTF (Capture the flag)

===== Special Thanks to =====
Zeroy, Major Pain, Rollin Hard, [SER] clan, =TG= Harry McRag, :|BONES|: Ski

If you don't like the sound effects or the ambient track add this to your server config:
set industry_sound_off 1
set industry_ambient_off 1

If you want to turn off the dynamic sunlight add this:
set industry_sun_off 1


Instructions to install a custom map : Here