Broadcast2 (CoD4)

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Download : 353

Date : May - 30 - 2018
File size : 38.65 Mo

Author : Hugo (Website)


Author notes :
Version 2.6
Remake of COD4 broadcast multiplayer map;
tdm, dm ,hq, dom, sab, sd, gametypes supported.

Extended playable area.
Enabled extra rooms closed in original map + new rooms.
Reduced model count ( from 342 to 179), so,
should be played with big mods without patched "mods/dlls".
Replaced "explo-cars" scripts to custom ( edited original).

Special thanks:
All people playing this map!,
all servers admins. sharing custom maps !
all sites sharing information about this map !
all people greetings about this custom maps !

Report fatal bugs (priority order): (Hugo, message, forum, topic...) ( new )

Thanks for playing, have 'super' fun time !


Instructions to install a custom map : Here