Village Snow (CoD4)

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Date : Oct - 31 - 2013
File size : 48.71 Mo

Author : Paulo88 (Website)

Map of the Weekend #29 - 2018-11-09


Original map by : Infinity Ward
Converted by : Paulo88 (twitter :

**** SNOW DVAR *****
Thanks to Tally you can now control the ingame RAIN FX via a simple DVAR.
Simply add either command to one of your cfg files.
set scr_village_allow_snow 0 (NO snow)
set scr_village_allow_snow 1 (snow)

Special thanks to..
Tally - For the use of his CTF, CTFB and other gametypes. Also his RAIN DVAR script.
Buster - For his fantastic winter skins
Zeroy - For his support and advice.
Mike_Nomad - For his great advice and support at

and all the other guys who have contributed in any way at the above forum.


Instructions to install a custom map : Here